Kevin McCormick

    In 2015, the Arizona Republican Party increased the signature requirements for the Libertarian primary by more than 2,000 percent (from 133 to 3,152), in an effort to keep us off the ballot. This tactic was succeeding, until my run for governor in 2018.

    My campaign collected more than 4,100 signatures, with 1,433 of them being online signatures the second most of any candidate running in the state. In addition, I am the only candidate for Arizona governor who collected signatures from voters in every county in the state.

    Despite my clearly having collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, and the secretary of state having validated that fact, the Arizona GOP is challenging more than 90 percent of our paper signatures, in an effort to keep me off the ballot, even exploiting the judicial system by, on June 12, filing a lawsuit, not only against me but against the Arizona secretary of state.

    I will share the latest news on my battle against the Arizona GOP and why their power play does not intimidate me — and why I won’t drop out of the race.