Our Welcoming Committee is forming and growing, get in on the action and be included too!

Daniel Hayes | Joe Bishop-Henchman | David Pratt Demarest
Paul Bilyeu | Nivine K. Zakhari | Joe Burnes
Howard C. Wetsman MD | Ruff/Phillips 2020 | Joseph P. Thompson
Mistress Scarlet Monroe | BK Properties WI, LLC | Robert Kraus
Seditious Apostate Theatre Company, LLC | Chris Luchini | Laura Burrows
Judge John Buttrick | Obelisk Gold Strategies, LLC | Xtemp Consulting
Anna Mosashvili | Gary Fagg | Greg Hertzsch
Bishop Hayes for PAWTUS | Steve Perkins | Pat Dixon
Judge Jim Gray | Joel Trammell | W. Cody Anderson
Lauren Daugherty | Mohammad-Reza Khosh-Sirat | Howard Kearney
Mark Tippets | Approval Voting USA | Jeremy Foster
Michael Hansen | Restoration of Virility | Tom Mahon, LPNM Deming Refugee Project Director
Mark Whitney for President | Jess Mears


May 21, 2020 – May 25, 2020


All Libertarians, Libertarian Party (LP) members, LP delegates, and those who are interested in learning about Libertarianism are encouraged to attend and help shape the future of the LP and the liberty movement. Contact your state party to learn how to be appointed as an official voting delegate from your state. Family, friends, and observers who aren’t ticketed convention attendees are most welcome to watch the non-ticketed events in the main hall, take in the exhibits, and enjoy family-friendly attractions, shopping and recreational opportunities.


This biennial convention offers seminars, forums, debates, discussion groups, and an exhibit hall.
LP appointed Delegates will consider proposed amendments to the Party’s Platform and Bylaws and elect our national leadership for the next term.


JW Marriott Austin
110 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701 US (map)

So you don’t miss any of the excitement or important business, we recommend arriving on May 20 and departing on May 26.

Book a standard sleeping room for $139 per night through the hotel booking link.
*** SOLD OUT ***
We are working on finding new contracted rates nearby. Check back soon or contact us.

Other nearby venues (use code LPAUSTIN):
Stay Alfred By The Lake  |  Stay Alfred At Muse

For candidates, caucuses, or campaigns needing more space, or if you just want to spread out, we have specialty suites. These are very limited. To book a specialty suite, please contact us.

Convention Schedule

Prepare for a packed convention full of workshops and activities.
2020 Schedule Details are still in progress, and subject to change by the delegates in convention, but a general outline is now available.