Tom Mahon

    Tom Mahon was Florida campaign director for the 2012 Gary Johnson presidential campaign, then joined Our America Initiative as fundraising and event director, and returned to the campaign trail for Johnson’s 2016 campaign, as ground operations director.

    Influenced by Dick Randolph, Ken Fanning, and Andre Marrou, he joined the Libertarian Party in 1981 in Alaska. A New Mexico resident by 1996, he didn’t vote for Gary Johnson when he first ran for governor that year, as a Republican. But shortly after the governor had vetoed approximately 50 spending bills, Mahon saw the words “Johnson” and “Libertarian” in one Albuquerque Journal headline, so voted for his re-election.

    Still impressed in 2011, Mahon became Johnson’s first Florida state campaign director, after he announced his candidacy for president as a Republican. Disappointed in the Republican Party in Florida, after six months Mahon returned to New Mexico — and waited for Johnson to come home to the Libertarian Party.

    For the 2012 LP presidential campaign, Mahon drove around the midwest and Rocky Mountain states in a campaign van christened — in a whimsical tribute to Atlas Shrugged — Jack Gault (supporters could type, “Where is Jack Gault?” in Facebook to find the van’s very own page). Following that campaign, Mahon became fundraising and event director for Johnson’s Our America Initiative. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he stepped into the role of ground operations director, aide, consultant, and Johnson’s traveling companion.

    Now retired, Mahon has been known to offer assistance — occasionally unsolicited — to needy campaigns around the country, with ballot access, presentation, marketing, messaging, and fundraising.

    Mahon is rumored to have a sharp tongue, demeaning wit, and low patience for Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Progressives, Paleos, and incompetence — not necessarily in that order.

    An avid, lifelong baseball player, Mahon is averse to losing. He confesses simply, “I want to win.”