Tim Moen

    Tim Moen grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta where he learned the value of freedom, hard work, responsibility, respect for property and community. He has served his community as a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, writer, filmmaker and volunteer. In 2013 after working with Neil Young, who slammed his community and the oil sands industry, Tim gained national media attention by writing an article revealing Neil’s hypocrisy. In 2014 he ran a highly visible by-election that caught the attention of Fox Business, CNN, Reason Magazine, Gawker, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and numerous other media outlets.Tim has extensive experience leading high performance teams and has a graduate degree in leadership where his thesis examined the ways in which high performance teams employ libertarian principles. Since Tim was elected leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada in May 2014, the Party has witnessed an explosive growth in membership, engagement and funding.

    Tim has spent his career protecting life and property from mindless destructive forces. Now as leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada he is focusing his attention on the destructive force of government which has an unquenchable appetite for money and power at the expense of its citizens.