Daniel Fishman

    I was born in Berkeley, CA in 1967, which many people think explains everything about me. My father was a scientist, and my mother was a librarian, so I was faced with significant homeschooling before the age of 6. I went to public school in Texas until they couldn’t hold me anymore and then went to boarding school in Colorado.

    On graduation, I won a scholarship to study in England for a year in 1985 where I took my A Levels, and traveled through Europe, including going to Soviet Russia in December, which informed the rest of my political life.

    I went to the University of Texas and started working as a Special Education teacher in 1998. I moved to Massachusetts in 1994, chasing a girl (which didn’t work out) and then in 1996 decided I needed to make more money, so I went back to school at UMass Boston and got a Computer Science degree. My first start-up got bought by Palm, but then I got laid off in the dot com bubble and didn’t make a gazillion bucks. I have come full circle and now write software that supports special education.

    I live in Beverly, Massachusetts and ran twice for federal office and once for municipal in the span of 10 months. I donate effort to a few open source projects and work at my local food bank every now and then. I’m driven by a belief that if we want to get the state out of the social safety net business, we have to show it’s not needed.

    In my free time, I’m a hiker and camper, but I can crush 12 hours in front of a good video game.

    I’m a member of both the National Libertarian Party, and I am the Political Director of the LPMA.